International/Cross-Border Recruitment

Our global reach allows us to meet all your staffing needs in virtually any location

In this day and age, business has no borders—and staffing your company’s international facilities with English-speaking management and employees that have a Western work ethic provides peace of mind. No matter which corner of the globe your enterprise may take you, we can put a staff in place that mirrors your corporate values and exceeds your expectations.

When starting a new business venture in another country, WONESE acts as your “boots on the ground” to ensure that all your corporate needs are met, from upper-level management to skilled industrial workers. Whether you’re looking to fill one specific position, staffing a new office or facility, or expanding your operations, WONESE provides the talent you need, where you need it.

With offices around the world and a network that spans the globe, our goal is to provide the human infrastructure your company needs to achieve its goals while minimizing the stress and administrative tasks associated with conducting overseas and international business.