Additional Recruitment And Staffing Services

We can meet the most specialized global staffing needs

Different companies with different locations have different needs, and WONESE has two decades of experience meeting international corporate demands. In addition to providing global recruitment services, we have a proven track record of meeting extremely specialized staffing needs.

Interim Management

Whether getting a foreign-based business off the ground or a new international location up and running, WONESE can provide the leadership necessary for launch. From temporary to long-term management teams, our highly-skilled senior-level managers can take control of a company’s offshore operations or specific projects until permanent staff is in place, in turn taking the pressure off the staff at headquarters—even with short notice.

Skilled Recruitment

As job descriptions and skill sets get more and more specific, it can be a challenge to find the skills you need, especially when conducting international business. From mechanical engineers to accountants, we have qualified candidates that can meet your company’s needs, no matter where your headquarters or satellite office is located.

Contract And Temporary Staffing

 Specific initiatives often require specialized skills for a defined timeframe, and WONESE can provide you with the talent you need for the time that you need it. Whether to augment your current workforce or simply to complete a short-term project, we have global resources that help you staff up without a long-term commitment.

Multi-lingual Recruitment

Communication is the key to success for every business, regardless of location. WONESE has created a division specializing in identifying talents that speak your language to help support your operations at any location of your choice.

Clinical Staffing

WONESE understands that healthcare clients need well-trained employees with finely-honed skills. From short- to long-term staffing needs, we find the talent you need to meet your goals and objectives. Our network of pre-screened talent includes clinical research associates, trial assistants, drug safety associates, phamacovigilence specialists, regulatory specialists, biostatisticians, lab technicians and more.